Biography - CODAworx


Submitted by Steven Siegel

Client: Albany International Airport

Location: Albany, NY, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Kathy Greenwood

Albany Airport Public Art

Curatorial Assistant

Sara Pruiksma

Albany Airport Public Art


Biography is currently hanging at the Albany airport. Actually, two thirds of it is. The rest has been sold or is in storage. In its entirety it is over 150 feet in length, 8 feet high and a maximum of about 12″ deep, but having been built in modules different sections can be exhibited. It’s like a long string of DNA. The entire piece has never been exhibited in one place, in fact, I have never seen the whole work assembled except in a composite photograph. The sources are geology and evolutionary biology seen through the lens of personal history. Made for indoors only, the materials run the gamut, including plastics, twine, sand, yarn, bottle tops, metal, paper impregnated with acrylic medium, electronics, and more.


The piece was a natural for the Albany airport, which provides the perfect space and keeps it out of hands reach.


Biography has been shown in Canada, two separate exhibitions at a major gallery in New York, at a retrospective in Florida, an art fair, and at a gallery in Massachusetts. Part of it is owned by a collector in Spain. In Albany I worked with a crew for a week to install the majority of the work.