Submitted by LORI LEJEUNE

Client: Decatur Arts Alliance

Location: Decatur, GA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Lori Lejeune


Decatur Arts Alliance


BE THE CHANGE are a series of large-scale artwork installations on vinyl that offer an uplifting message of transcending adversity while also providing an interactive photo opportunity, by standing in between the butterfly wings, to anyone who resonates with its message.

The Flight Series of works by Lori Lejeune is a contemporary interpretation of birds and other creatures with wings which overcome gravity through flight. The Flight series stands for overcoming the forces in life that weigh us down.

Lejeune’s work is cross-disciplinary and incorporates innovative digital elements. This large work, which is part of her ongoing Flight Series, configures multiple elements from her work into a mixed-media public art installation. During these times of racial and social justice struggles and COVID-19, Lejeune’s Flight Series takes on a new relevance and offers a message of hope and inspiration to viewers.

This project is made possible in part by the financial support of: Colorchrome, Decatur Arts Alliance, Intown Ace Hardware, the JK Team Realtors, and Oakhurst Realty Partners.


The initial goal was to engage visitors with outdoor art at the Decatur Arts Festival in Georgia. BE THE CHANGE is an ongoing project which will be installed at other public sites.