AV Component Cabinet - CODAworx

AV Component Cabinet

Submitted by Michael Singer Fine Woodworking

Client: The Smiths

Location: Sotts Valley, USA

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Rodney Smith


The program for this commission was to create an artful centerpiece for the room that would serve multiple functional roles, as well. The cabinet had to provide enclosed storage for several electronic components, as well as small part storage, and open display space, all while adhering to a strict 40″ x 42″ x 20″ spatial envelope.


The whole intent of this commission was to create a focal point to the room that was both artful and functional and did not necessarily adhere to the existing design language. This was an established interior design with no other signature pieces in a modestly sized room. The cabinet was further assimilated into the room by a companion commission of a set of small beverage tables using the same materials and design language.


The design process for this commission was an iterative collaboration between myself and the clients. It started with a series of initial in-person meetings at their home, where we discussed both the physical and aesthetic parameters of the project. I then provided a range of design ideas, from which the client selected the most appealing attributes. The design was then refined through discussions until a final version.