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AT&T Discovery District

Client: AT&T

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team



Moment Factory


AT&T and global architecture firm Gensler enlisted Moment Factory’s creative and technical teams to reimagine the AT&T Discovery District in downtown Dallas. This one-of-a-kind Plaza was redesigned to reflect the mood and energy of the community with dynamic media architecture that leverages art, light, sound, and technology. A 104-foot Media Wall towers as the focal point of the District, providing a high-definition canvas for a variety of cinematic experiences. Anchored by The Globe sculpture, an interactive adaptation of the AT&T logo at the center of the campus, twin media trellises illuminate the perimeter with kinetic color-changing LED lighting and audio to create an all-encompassing digital ecosystem. Working alongside AT&T and creative partners, Moment Factory approached the District as a communal space that marries physical and digital worlds; creating dynamic visual content that reflects real-time information including time of day, weather, and season and an intricate architecture of art, light, sound, and technology. Evolving over a 24-hour period, high-impact and ambient visualizations offer moments of collective enjoyment, relaxation, and exploration.


AT&T’s goal was to create a space for authentic connection and exploration that would also showcase the telecommunications company’s position at the vanguard of technology innovation.
Moment Factory’s art and content development teams were tasked with designing an advanced, large-scale public art project and multimedia environment that could enthrall locals, employees, and visitors alike, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team produced an immersive and engaging experience that would maximize the potential of the multimedia architecture designed and integrated by Gensler.

We were challenged to create a content cycle that would sustain interest and resonate with different audiences at all times of day. Developed to last anywhere from one to seven hours, ambient content creates an atmospheric backdrop for low-activity periods. During high-activity times, such as lunchtime and evenings, dynamic multimedia activations spring to life to reflect the diversity and energy of the space. With the integration of real-time data to produce dynamic, generative content, no two visits to the AT&T Discovery District are alike.

Additional Information

Through a partnership with Epic Games, Moment Factory’s teams were able to unlock the potential of the Unreal video game engine, opening up endless narrative portals for discovery that offer a much deeper level of engagement. Approximately 80% of the content displayed at any given time is generated through this process, a feat that has never before been achieved at this scale. A brand is the ideas, memories, and especially the feeling it evokes in consumers. The AT&T Discovery District features an awe-inspiring experience never before seen at a company headquarters. With endless opportunities for tangible, emotional connections created by custom art, content, and stories, the District turns passive observers into brand enthusiasts. More than 5,000 visitors flock to the District each day to enjoy the light, sound, and visual experiences, as well as businesses and restaurants. Overall, the AT&T Discovery District has fulfilled the company’s goal of creating a one-of-a-kind landmark and community hub for the City of Dallas. The District’s