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AT&T Headquarters Lobby

Client: AT&T, Beck Group

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team




Display technology & structure


SNA Displays

Design, architectural & project management services


General contractor

Beck Group

Content creator/consultant

Ari Weinkle

Content creator/consultant


Content creator/consultant

Core Creative Labs

Content creator/consultant


Content creator/consultant

Float 4

Content creator/consultant

Forematter Inc.

Content creator/consultant


Content creator/consultant


Content creator/consultant

Man Mad Music

Content creator/consultant

Moment Factory

Content creator/consultant

MUCH Creative

Content creator/consultant

Reel FX

Content creator/consultant

Refik Anadol Studio

Content creator/consultant

Sila Sveta

Content creator/consultant

Universal Everything


Entering the AT&T Headquarters Lobby, employees and visitors step into a space transformed with modern architecture and more than 70 million pixels. The lobby features eight LED-wrapped structural columns, a 40-foot wide, high-resolution Media Box, and an expansive ceiling “veil.” The veil is a diffused, LED lighting feature from the lobby’s second story that enhances the site’s otherworldly experience by connecting all the digital content pieces with color.

From the outdoor plaza looking in through the 30-foot glass façade, the lobby’s floor-to-ceiling fusion of architecture and multimedia content and technology showcases beautiful art, data-driven visualizations, and custom-created content from WarnerMedia and other AT&T brands, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

*Copy produced in collaboration with Gensler.


The core design concept for AT&T’s global headquarters lobby was “architecture as media.” To accomplish this, AT&T wanted to create a “modern media lobby with a one-of-a-kind, floor-to-ceiling fusion of architecture, multimedia content, and technology.” In short, AT&T wanted “a signature media experience.”


The Media Box, which contains more than 20 million pixels, is a three-sided LED video wall that serves as the lobby’s focal point. Built with 1.9 mm pixel pitch LED technology from SNA Displays’ BRILLIANT™ Interior line of video display technology, the high-resolution screen wraps around two corners at 90 degrees so that it protrudes into the space, providing a three-dimensional feel from any corner of the lobby. It is 13 feet tall and 60 feet long (2,106 pixels high by 9,568 pixels wide).

Thematic digital art from the main video wall is coordinated, sometimes mirrored and other times synchronized as part of a moving digital landscape, with each of the lobby’s LED-wrapped digital pillars. All eight columns are also built from SNA Displays’ BRILLIANT™ Interior 1.9 mm narrow-pixel pitch technology, providing a floor-to-ceiling, all-encompassing experience for visitors.

Additional Information

The AT&T Lobby also features a complex array of speakers strategically placed to enhance the visual experience from all of the digital surfaces. As guests and employees move through the large space, they go on an auditory journey that feels real and powerful. Whether it’s the subtle sound of fluttering leaves or other-worldly scenes from WarnerMedia movies like Aquaman and Wonder Woman, the soundscape creates a space that is truly memorable and one-of-a-kind. Throughout the entire AT&T Discovery District, from the lobby to the plaza, every space works in concert or individually to create an activated, dynamic destination with take-over moments of lighting, sound, and creative media content, offering a truly unique, immersive experience. Winner: Silver in Interior Design/Commercial (IDA Design Awards), Urban Design Award (GDPC), Best Mixed-Use Project (D Magazine), Best Corporate/Hospitality (DailyDOOH Gala)