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Hospital’s Extended Acute Care

Submitted by Sandy Rosen

Client: Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital

Location: Philadelphia, Pa, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Sandy Rosen


Laura Longstreet

Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital


Sandy Rosen Art created over 25 limited edition prints for a suburban Phila behavioral hospital. The art, printed on Plexiglass were displayed in the new Patient Wing, Group, Examination Rooms and Hallways as well as the Hospital Lobbies. The goal was to create an ambience of tranquility, harmony and beauty for patients, staff and visitors.


Koi l an original painting captured the feeling of their newly created "Serenity" Pond. The client asked for this to be designed as a triptych and later became a limited edition printed on plexiglass. The artwork chosen for the group rooms helped convey tranquility within the hospital's interior for the patients and staff. The Poppies l image, colorful and bright was chosen to highlight the key principles of recovery and the transformational steps needed for patient recovery.


Laura Longstreet, the business development Director of the hospital brought awareness to the internal mission and directive of the hospital and was a huge part of the collaboration along with other EAC team leaders in this project. Once the overall preliminary body of work were chosen for these areas, the final phase began to develop art for the patient rooms.

Additional Information

The project, immense in scope, was completed within 10 weeks from the initial meetings/conception to final production/completion while saving the hospital $ 15,000.00. Challenging but immensely rewarding, it all began with a wonderful client and ended with an open house gala! Guests included physicians, Healthcare staff, administration and peers who lauded the artwork and pond as hugely successful! A fantastic network of professional vendors helped deliver within a specific timeframe and budget.