Art Walk - CODAworx

Art Walk

Client: Hermitage Farm

Location: Goshen, KY, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Ricardo Rivera

Klip Collective

Technical Partner

Thrasos Media


A transformative nighttime journey through the projection-mapped and sound-filled woods of Hermitage Farm, this multi-installation project immerses audiences in the eerily beautiful work of video artist Ricardo Rivera. Over 1,500 feet of boardwalk weave alongside a creek as intricate projections illuminate the surrounding landscape. With seasonal changes in the landscape and foliage, Klip created a winter version of this site-specific experience.


In creating a site-specific experience that illuminates the beauty of the existing grounds, Klip worked with intention and in collaboration with Hermitage Farm to design the path and highlight key natural features, such as the walnut tree and creek in the landscape.


Creating a light and sound experience in a natural setting in the woods, required extensive and detailed collaboration between the client, the creative team, and the technical deployment. Overall, the process took multiple years from design and permitting to installation and final launch of the light and sound experience.