Arc ZERO: Eclipse - CODAworx

Arc ZERO: Eclipse

Client: City of Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team

Project Coordinator

Zih Huang

Harvest Ideation

Project Administrator / Curator

Nathaniel Quah

GIS Group


A 9m diameter ring of mist and light creates a fiery eclipse in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Commissioned for the 2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival, the “Eclipse” uses the reflection in the water to create a full circle, a symmetrical ring of mist which glows like fire at night. The Eclipse hovers in space, ignoring the landscape’s horizon and creates a profound perceptual experience for the viewer. Water and light are the two main elements in all my work and the harmony of these materials in the Eclipse is quite special – it is amazing that such common materials can appear so magical. This magic is achieved simply by allowing the elements of the work (water, light and air, or wind) to be themselves, and not try to control or manipulate them with too much technology. This allows the site to express itself to the viewer – through the work.


There were a few options for sites around the lake area at the Weiwuying City Park, but we decided the lake itself would allow the best integration of the work - to use the water as the site, and the main material.


The organizing committee for the Taiwan Lantern Festival first approached Studio JT in early 2021 to commission a work, which at the time hadn't been confirmed as temporary or permanent. After some discussion it was decided to step up and create a permanent work. As many temporary versions of the Arc ZERO series have been produced, it was an honour to produce a permanent one for Taiwan. The committee contacted a production company - Harvest Ideation Co. who had previously worked on a temporary version in Beipu Township in 2019, to produce the work and manage the fabrication and installation locally. Studio JT worked directly with them on design elements and the installation methodology.