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Aqua Data

Client: Partners HealthCare

Location: Somerville, MA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team

Shuli Sade

Sade Studio

David Burson

Partners HealthCare

Todd Dundon


Eugene Negrin

Galaxy Glass &Stone

John Kirby

Boston Art


Manipulated photographs, Film interlayers, 3/4 Inch Custom Laminated Annealed Glass, LED light 12′ x 33 Foot. In creating artwork for the West Wing Lobby at the newly designed Gensler building for Partners HealthCare in Somerville (MA), Sadé Studio’s goal was to negotiate between art, architecture, landscape, urbanism and a sense of belonging between the community and the surroundings. Images of Historic and existing hospitals unveil Partners achievements and service to the Boston community. The close proximity to Mystic River waterfront adds an important component to the colossal art piece: Water. Dynamic and meditative, the River serves as a transformative unifier, merging together all interlayers while linking space and time, history, and renewal. A multi-layered Aqua Data contains multiplicational patterns of local urbanism including master plans of Mystic River zoning plans, Boston, Berkshire, Plymouth and Cambridge zoning plans. Urban plans are often transformed to codes Sadé creates to identify memory through instructional urban systems. Repetitive geometric patterns juxtaposed onto formless water debating form and solidity.


Aqua Data monumental Glass wall echoes Partners HealthCare ideology of bringing together 4,700 employees from other locations to share one roof. Images of Historic and existing hospitals unveil Partners achievements and service to the Boston community. Viewed from close and far Aqua Data evolves gradually while a play of scale and form add dimension to one’s personal memory and recognition of signs, structures, and places throughout the artwork


Aqua Data was a successful collaboration between Partners Health Care, Gensler Boston Architects, Boston Art advisors, Galaxy Glass & Stone, Suffolk Construction Management, and Sadé studio. Our client's feedback says it all:
...We are loving the new campus and our wonderful illuminated welcoming wall in the West Lobby – it’s been a fascinating and illuminating experience to move into a project after working over three years to bring it into being! -David S. Burson, AIA