Alchemy of Memory - CODAworx

Alchemy of Memory

Submitted by Lindsey Dunnagan

Client: Nationstar Mortgaging Company

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $2,500

Project Team


Lindsey Dunnagan

Art Consultant

Lesli Marshall

Articulation Art


Nationstar Mortgage Company

Nationstar Mortgage Company


This project was created for the main lobby at Nationstar Mortgaging Company. The company hired me to create an artwork that considered the theme of home. The space measured 9' x 15' x 6'


Nostalgia is the alchemy of memory. Silver and gold roads and homes from the past shimmer forth in my memory, transforming those experiences into treasure. When these memory maps are layered in paint, a translucency is allowed that mimics the passing of time through locations. Similar to memory, certain areas are clear while others hazy. Aerial views of important neighborhoods and other locations are preserved, while images deep in the watercolor are less easy to decipher. This process illustrates how events from long ago, though hard to remember, live in the subconscious and contribute to identity.


The art consultant, Lesli Marshall, allowed me freedom to interpret the project how I wanted. I created this work on my own in my studio and on-site.