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Abigail Chang – Reflections of a Room


Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Abigail Chang


Volume Gallery


Vector Custom Fabricating


CW Kneeland


Abigail Chang’s first solo exhibition with Volume Gallery, titled Reflections of a Room, is a meditation on perception. Consisting of eight objects that function as framing devices that allude to everyday mirrors of varying sizes, the show draws attention to the corporeal experience of existing in space. The objects transcend their everyday function and instead become windows at night. The viewer becomes part of the exhibit.
Chang’s conceptual thinking is further supported by the construction of the objects themselves. Fabricated by Vector from stainless steel, glass, and felt, they bear almost no evidence of the making process, allowing the viewer to fully focus their attention on the reflections at stake.


This exhibition serves as the reminder to pay attention to the small reflections so prevalent in our daily lives.