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AAS Copper Facade

Submitted by Timothy Heaghney

Client: American Antiquarian Society

Location: Worcester, MA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $690,000

Project Team


Samuel Anderson


Industry Resource

Erik Berg

DLSS Manufacturing

Industry Resource

Timothy Heaghney

Cold Hollow Contracting


The new copper facade fabricated in our shop in Burlington VT and installed on site at the AAS in Worcester MA is made from .080″ thick half hard copper by Revere copper company. The copper cassette panels hang on a stainless steel framing system, and are made up of a combination of perforated face and solid face panels. The font for the lettering was drawn by hand and cut out using a water jet cutter, and then soldered to the panels. The panels were treated with a Historic green patina by DLSS manufacturing post fabrication but pre installation.


Our goal as fabricator, installer and design assist contractor was to work with all involved to preserve the architect's (SAA, NY) vision while maintaining engineering requirements and an efficient fabrication and installation scope. We consider the creative problem solving that was necessary to complete this unique project as something that qualifies this job as "art meets architecture".


We worked diligently with the design team, the patina specialist the GC and the owner to ensure satisfactory completion. We sat down several times with the architect to adjust the panel design, fastening systems, and made several mockups of the lettering and panels before settling on an approved design. We Coordinated the shipment of the completed panels from VT to NC in order to have them treated for patina, and then to the site in Worcester MA where we performed installation. We also arranged for engineering to take place and adjusted the system further to meet requirements. We worked with the steel framing contractor on site in order to ensure the wall itself met the very specific tolerances required to maintain reveal lines and edges.

Additional Information

This was a truly unique project that took lots of time and energy to complete. Many specialized techniques came into play in order to get it done properly and the finished product is something we are very proud of. Please note that we are not responsible for the initial design or rendering that was done by Samuel Anderson of SAA in NYC.