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A Touch of Graphitti

Submitted by Dawn Causa

Client: Nordica

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Dawn Causa

Causa Design

Art Consultant

Darin Bischof

Primary Projects


Dawn Causa

Causa Design


The concept was to create a modern black and white interior which incorperated an original and bold statement art piece with a focus on the dining/living room wall as this is the feature wall as you enter the apartment.


The main goal was to create a large mural as the feature piece seen behind the dining room table and other focal pieces that were in keeping with the feeel though out the apartment. Creating the mural was the main focus to set the mood of the space and then I designed around that art work.


The collaberation was a process between both the designer and the artist. As the principal designer I provided the general concept of the womans face and then asked the artist to developed the piece from their. Once I was presented with the actual image of the woman with Graphitti hair I asked them to extend it down the hallway to finish just outside the master bedroom entry. The end result was exactly what the client wanted: Bold, Edgy, and one of a kind!

Additional Information

The URL for the website takes you to the contemporary page with a few jobs. Please click on the black and white project to see the images. I can send you images if necessary.