Silver Meteors at the Swimming Pool in Srebrna Góra - CODAworx

Silver Meteors at the Swimming Pool in Srebrna Góra

Client: Private

Location: Srebrna Góra, Poland

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Tomasz Urbanowicz



Lupus - Lighting

Lupus - Lighting


Waldemar Ostrowski



Srebrna Góra is a fortress located in the southwest of Poland. A private customer's residence in Srebrna Góra is also a (contemporary) stone fortress built in 2010 with a beautiful undisturbed natural panorama. The only visible element at night is the starry sky. It was all an inspiration to create a composition on the swimming pool’s central wall. The composition designed by Tomasz Urbanowicz made of kiln-formed glass and local stone is entitled “SILVER METEORS”.


Tomasz Urbanowicz designed and created the artistic kiln-formed casted convex glass. The glass sculptures are applied to the mirrors behind it so that they become spatial, luminous and lively with the reflection fulfilling the entire volume. There are hundreds of optical fibers placed in the mirrors that illuminate the glass pulsating with light at night. The whole composition is reflected in the water of the swimming pool and its elevation shafts, triggering our imagination. At night it's a real universe brought into the interior of the architecture – a cosmos-like composition - Silver Meteors.


Optical fibers used in the project were made by the Lupus company and the masonry was composed by the local masonry master Mr. Waldemar Ostrowski, basing on the project and his own knowledge and skills. The original casted glass sculptures were designed and created by Tomasz Urbanowicz in his own atelier – ARCHIGLASS. The studio also took care of the installation of the glass elements on-site.