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TROY SIMMONS (b. 1975, Palestine, TX) is a abstract sculptor working with a variety of material, including concrete, fabric, construction debris, and other found items. His sculptures are experiments with color, material and structure. The work explores past and present cultures, stereotypes, identity, and his experiences growing up in the South during the 80’s and 90’s. In my process, I explore the materials of choice by constructing, deconstructing, reconstructing an object. I meticulously create each piece, then randomly hammer, chisel, and in some cases burn portions of the work, then repair the piece. The impulsive act of destroying the piece makes room for a new direction in the work,” Simmons says. “Giving the piece a role in dictating its final form. This process provokes continuous curiosity for myself and the audience, urging us to look past the exterior, in search for what’s beneath the surface.” Simmons recent exhibits include Solo Shows at Volta (NYC), Artium Art (Miami), and JanKossen Contemporary (Chelsea, NY). Group shows include Art Pairs (Paris, France) and Volta (Basel, Switzerland). Simmons has also exhibited at Cornell Art Museum, Boca Museum of Art, and the Coral Gables Museum. He recently completed a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in December 2020. Simmons was also selected to attend a residency at Artpace San Antonio in March of 2022. Simmons work is included in the corporate collection of Charles Schwab, along with several private collections, throughout United States, Europe, and Asia. Simmons earned an Architectural Technology degree from Oklahoma State University and studied Environmental Science at Sam Houston State University.

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