Martin Webb

6824 Simson St.
Oakland, California US

Phone: 510-684-4492


Profile Type: artist

  • Architectural Walls
  • Flooring
  • Public Works
  • Wall Art

I make both studio and site-specific commission work that mixes imagery with abstraction, complex layering with rich coloration, and simple forms rendered in plain-spoken materials. Conceptually, my work considers the relationships between people, the natural world, and time. Though diverse, the way I approach commission projects gives them some unifying characteristics: • I strive for visual engagement on a number of levels so that the work satisfies both the quick, one-time viewer and also the viewer that encounters the work repeatedly. • The work reflects its community of users, speaks to them, and serves a role in the specific location. • The appearance of the art integrates into the architectural settings, considering and respecting, the movement and activity of people in the space, and the existing architectural environment.

My Projects

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