Fusion CI Studios ...transfomative design

Vancouver BC, Los Angeles, CA US

Phone: 1-310-928-1483

Website: http://www.fusioncis.com

Profile Type: artist, industry_resource

  • Data Visualization
  • Experiential and Interactive
  • Landscape and Water
  • Murals
  • Video and Projection Mapping

We believe the combination of art & science works miracles. Integrating art, engineering & advanced visual effects technologies, we create mind-bending, immersive, sensory experiences with unforgettable impact. We are artists, scientists, storytellers & trailblazers. Our clients are creative innovators. They step onto the brink of technology and challenge its bounds. Together, we mesmerize and inspire. With a stellar international reputation, Fusion's LED installations reveal a unique blend of high-end physics, imagination & art, where technology recedes and the human connection and experience is paramount. Each unique project advances the integration of art & technology, overcoming new challenges, revealing yet another miraculous performance. info@fusioncis.com

My Projects

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