Introducing… the CODAworx Fabricator Referral Service

 Zebradog Taking Flight

New cities, new mediums, new techniques — now a reality for artists, architects, designers, and marketing agencies

The creative professionals we work with keep pushing boundaries – taking their artwork in new directions. The only problem is that this often means a lack of connections to the industry professionals needed to get the job done. CODAworx is happy to make those connections for you. Let us be your matchmaker, with our new CODAworx Fabricator Referral Service.

With years of experience in matching commissioners of art to artists, we are now also helping the artists and designers by referring them to the industry resources they need on their team.

The CODAworx Referral Service is also a channel to provide opportunities directly to industry resources, such as foundries, fabricators, manufacturers, lighting, photography, shipping, installation services and other arts professionals.


Fabricator Referral Case Study

We provided our first referral last year on a project for Fortune 500 company American Family Insurance. CODAworx member ZEBRADOG, a marketing and environmental design agency, had been hired to create branding for American Family’s new office building. ZEBRADOG had designed a sculpture titled Taking Flight inspired by the building’s new brand logo. Looking for guidance in selecting a fabricator, ZEBRADOG and American Family turned to CODAworx to help with a fabricator referral.

  • The CODAworx team pulled a list of over 90 fabricators with experience in this type of sculpture and issued a Request for Bids.
  • Within a week, 13 fabricators had submitted bids across a range of materials and budgets.
  • CODAworx helped narrow the pool based on industry knowledge of realistic budgets, materials, and insider references.
  • At the end of the referral process, ZEBRADOG and American Family selected Gizmo Art Production in San Francisco as their partner to create the sculpture.
  • The sculpture is scheduled for installation May 2018.


Gizmo Art Production


“Gizmo’s experience with CODAworx has been a refreshing collaboration, connecting our skills with many great public artists and opportunities to continue building civic engagement through public art. We look forward to many more partnerships with CODAworx in the upcoming years.” – Gizmo Art Production