How Collaboration Leads to Integrated Healthcare Art Programs

“How Collaboration Leads to Integrated Healthcare Art Programs” from The Center for Health Design Icons & Innovators webinar series

Collaboration is the key to outstanding healthcare art programs that meet both individual facility goals and create integrated visual experiences. In fact, the most successful projects are those in which you cannot tell where the architect’s/designer’s job ended and the art consultant’s job began. Ideally, owners, architects, designers, art consultants, wayfinding experts and others work together in a collaborative process to create a seamless experience for patients and visitors. This webinar will provide a roadmap for establishing a collaborative process that results in an effective and valued art program.


Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the value of a collaborative team approach to healthcare art.
  • Understand the importance of early integration of art discussion in the design process.
  • Learn how hospital owners can further use art programs to collaborate with the community and foster mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Appreciate the benefits of an integrated visual experience as a result of collaboration.



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Barbara Harriman, IIDA

President and Creative Director

Distinctive Art Source







Barbara Harriman is the president and creative director of Distinctive Art Source, a turnkey art consultancy working exclusively in healthcare with a foundation in evidence- and patient-based design. Barbara is the creative energy and strategic visionary behind each project. Through DAS, Barbara and her team help create thoughtfully developed art programs that contribute to an integrated visual experience and foster mutually-beneficial community relationships. DAS connects clients with unlimited art sources throughout the country to enable hospitals to conceptualize, visualize and realize the goals of their art programs.

An innovator in the field of healthcare art consulting, Barbara has 37 years of multi-disciplinary experience including healthcare art consulting, interior design, project management, construction administration, lighting design and mechanical and electrical engineering exposure. She is a national speaker in the healthcare industry delivering presentations at Healthcare Design, Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo and Planetree conferences. She is the recipient of the Individual Award presented by the Healthcare Symposium and Expo in Chicago in October 2015. Distinctive Art Source projects have been recognized among the 2016 CODAawards Top 100. DAS is also among the LSU Top 100: Fastest Growing 2016 Tiger Companies.