Art Consultant Seeks Licensed Imagery for Global Hotel Chain

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ArtforceA new boutique hotel chain wanted to enhance its aesthetics by licensing and printing original art as wallpaper for their new buildings. The hotel chain sought up to 15 images they could license for ten years from multiple artists.

The hotel chain enlisted Minneapolis-based art consulting company Art Force to source the art. The client wanted to see a broad and wide range of international imagery that fit a desired millennial “graphic and edgy” aesthetic. The lead on this project was Leslie Palmer Ross, Director of Healthcare and Art Services for Art Force. She needed to find a variety of images in just a two week application period.


CODAworx RFP ToolkitLeslie was looking for leading artists who create art for the wall. In addition to the short timeline, she needed tools to quickly and efficiently manage the submission process. The CODAworx RFP Toolkit helped her accomplish these goals. Leslie selected to use both the RFP Blast and the RFP Manage tool for this project.

Using the RFP Blast, Leslie was able to send the call for entries announcement out quickly in a targeted email to artists. Only a phone call away, a CODAworx staff member helped her select the appropriate profession categories, out of the CODAworx database of over 21,000 potential artists around the world.

After the RFP Blast email was sent, Leslie did not have to wait long to hear a response. The day after the email was sent, she logged into RFP Manage tool and was able to see the entries start coming in, all in one place. On one screen she could see all of the applications to the RFP, including the artist name, contact info, resume, cover letter, listing of past commissions, and up to five photo entries, including the potential of links to CODAworx projects.


Art Force StatsBy expanding her search with RFP Blast, Leslie was able to reach 3,200 additional highly qualified artists with a single email. After 15 days the deadline closed, 60 applicants had applied from 4 countries and 21 states. Altogether, she had almost 300 different images to review. Art Force now had over 20 times the number of images than the client needed. Leslie was able to provide a higher caliber of art for her client, and delivered in a timely manner.

The selections are still being decided, and Art Force will notify the selectees. Our goal at CODAworx is not only to help with immediate needs, but also to ensure long term results. Beyond providing assistance at the setup of the RFP Toolkit, we follow up after the call for entries close to make sure results were delivered. CODAworx guarantees results. If any customer is not satisfied with the results we will reimburse 75% of their money back.

From Leslie

Leslie Palmer Ross“The CODAworx staff has been very responsive and helpful to me and to the artists through the RFP submission process. We were pleased with the volume of submissions and the interest in our project and it is great to have all of the information submitted in a consistent manner.”

– Leslie Palmer Ross, Director of Healthcare and Art Services, Art Force