Broadcasting Yourself: How Video is Revolutionizing Visual Content

Broadcasting Yourself: How Video is Revolutionizing Visual Content          

What have you watched online today? Five years ago, we might have asked if you watched a video clip in the last 24 hours; the pace at which video has become ubiquitous on the Internet behooves us to start the conversation with what instead. If you’re slowly realizing how much time you spend consuming video online, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone.

An astounding 94% of you, according to video production service Animoto, watched a video online in the last week, something in the vein of an instructional video, a product or service offering, or a funny clip. Almost everyone you know is watching video.

And these aren’t stoic audiences. Fifty-eight percent of consumers consider companies that produce video content to be “trustworthy,” and 77% say videos leave a positive impression of a company.


How the Design + Art Industry Uses Video

Architects, designers, and artists are using video production to showcase the spaces they create in a way that can penetrate a market saturated by stills and long paragraphs of artist statements. The video below was produced using Animoto for artist Vicki Scuri.

“Video really captures the essence of my work and spirit quickly, making it accessible to a much broader audience in a dynamic way,” says Scuri, whose video above was created using Animoto. “I am amazed by how much ground the video covers in only a few minutes.”

And it’s not just a way to stand out among a sea of images and text—marketing-savvy firms use video because it’s search engine friendly. Any good SEO plan includes it, because Google likes video.

Video can leverage that massive library of images you have tucked away of every project you’ve ever done. A well-produced video breathes life into what was once just a series of stills. Entertaining, interesting, sleek content always wins the Internet game.

Museware Pottery, a shop out of New Hampshire, uses Animoto to showcase its work to specific gift shops on social media and in email. “That personal touch makes all the difference,” says owner Sheree Burlington.


Do It On A Shoestring

So video clearly packs a punch. Time to max out credit cards for the equipment and hire Martin Scorsese to direct?

Actually, no. Our friends at Animoto are solving your video problems left and right with their online video software, allowing you to synthesize text, images, video clips, and music into a slick, professional package.

If you have gorgeous sketches of a completed, installed work and want showcase a project from conception to completion, Animoto can help. If you’re pitching a new client and need a striking visual that can impress in less than a minute, Animoto can help. And if you simply want people to view your work and engage with it more intently, Animoto can help.

Simply access Animoto via their easy to use website to whip up a video in minutes without any editing experience. It’s flexible and jackpot—it’s shareable. Post and track your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, embed on your website, or download to your hard drive. Even burn videos to DVD. Promoting your work in an impressive, professional way is painless with Animoto.

Painless means having access to a library of licensed music. It means easily integrating images and video clips with sound, and it means connecting your video to a call to action, encouraging viewers to deeply engage with your work and to reach out to learn more. It makes a synthesis of your work into a truly rich production, one that would take much more time and effort to create using traditional video editing software like iMovie. It avoids the expense of hiring a professional videographer and most importantly, it brings your images to life.

Animoto is changing the way design and art studios market themselves in the digital age. Now, anyone, from YouTube celebrities to video creation newbies can produce and art-direct a beautiful, customized piece of content. And now it’s your turn to try it.


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