The Art Commission + CoDA Awards = CODAworx!

Erwin Redl.
Light Installation with Acrylic and Animated RGB LEDs by Erwin Redl.

The Art Commission is rebranding! We’re pleased to announce that November will see the launch of our new brand, CODAworx, which will combine the best of The Art Commission with the overwhelming success of the CoDA Awards.

Participation on the site will be open to artists and the design community alike, with the goals of:

  1. significantly improving engagement from all members of the creative community
  2. bringing greater visibility to art and design collaborations
  3. celebrating these collaborations in the manner they deserve
Susan Narduli
3‐story digital video triptych by Susan Narduli.

Exciting changes in the coming months include:

  • A new name and website. CODAworx ( will debut in November. All traffic to and will be redirected to the new site, with a page that explains the changes.
  • Expanded opportunities to share more of your collaborative projects on the site, with more images and opportunities to describe these projects.
  • An online magazine that will focus on the intersection of design and art. This e-magazine will be distributed through Flipboard, the premier online magazine distribution channel..
Titia Ex
Neon Halo by Titia Ex.

A few answers to some questions you may have:

I’m an artist. What does this mean for me?

It means access to a broader community and more designers to work with! Note: we are not changing the focus on artwork commissions, but broadening the participants to include the full spectrum of the design community.

I’m a designer. What does this mean for me?

It means an opportunity to showcase your projects that incorporate commission art like never before. To fine-tune your personal brand for an expansive design community, and access tools and services within this community. And it means access to thousands of artists that can help bring your work to the next level.

What benefits does this new brand bring?

CODAworx is greater than the sum of its parts. Not only does this combined site mean more opportunity for collaboration and inspiration, but you’ll also gain access to a host of creative tools made to help artists, designers, and architects create. (More about these on blog in the coming weeks.)

We’re excited about these changes and we hope you are too. We know it’s a lot to digest, and we’re more than happy to answer questions and listen to feedback. Contact us at

From all of us at The Art Commission—soon to be CODAworx—thank you for your involvement with the site as we continue to grow and promote the work of great art in design.