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Paul Smirl, Editor
Typhaine Morrison, Director of Marketing
Roze Pirvany, PR Manager
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CODAworx is honored to showcase the following artists and design professionals and the cities in which their work flourishes, featured in this issue of CODAmagazine:

Apollo Fine Arts
Bakersfield, CA

Nicole Beck
Urbana, IL

Myra Burg
Evansville, IN

Judy Collins and Heather Collins
Reston, VA

Caldwell Communications
San Fransisco, CA

Judy Dioszegi
Hillside, IL

Queens, NY

Blaze Gregorio
New York, NY

Tim Harding
Los Angeles, CA

Alex Hirsch
Corvallis, OR

Charlie Johnston
Brampton, ON Canada

Lilian B Interiors
New York, NY

Rob Ley
Los Angeles, CA

Eunsook Lee
Harbour City, Hong Kong

Peter Michel
Springfield, MA

Washington, D.C.

Inge Panneels
Haddington, Scotland

Chicago, IL

Koryn Rolstad
El Paso, TX

Colin Selig
Pleasant Hill, CA

Anne Senstad
Bowling Green, OH

Stanley Beaman & Sears
Orlando, FL

Arthur Stern
Baton Rouge, LA

Randy Walker
St. Peter, MN

Bob Zoell
San Fransisco, CA

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