Welcome to the fourth and final of four 2016 CODAvideo: Magazine Editions. Published in CODAmagazine, the CODAvideo program recognizes the best videos that tell the stories behind commissioned art projects, where art is successfully integrated into interior, architectural and public spaces. The 2016 CODAvideo program includes four unique digital magazine editions, each featuring one of the key CODAvideo categories: Concept, Collaboration, Process, and Experience. Selections for the magazines are done by the CODAworx editorial staff and one magazine has been released each week of December with the Editors Choice CODAvideo stealing the cover.

This week’s issue is “Experience”. The best videos in this category will transport the viewer into the project’s space and capture the fleeting moments behind experiencing a piece for the first time. There’s nothing quite like experiencing a commissioned art piece in person, but these videos are a close second. These videos highlight what it would be like to visit the final commissioned artwork. This year we received 127 amazing entries to the 2016 CODAvideo: Magazine Editions and selections were difficult. Congratulations to the top ten videos chosen for the Experience edition!

Why CODAvideo? Every piece of art has a story: from the source of inspiration, through the process of creation, to the experience of a finished piece in all its glory. Video is a wonderful way to document these stories and share them with new and wider audiences. We launched the CODAvideo program to empower creative professionals to share their stories and bring recognition to the projects that come alive through the powerful confluence of moving images and sound.

We are pleased to partner this year with The Architects Foundation to present CODAvideos in a seven-month live exhibition in Washington, DC. The selected videos from this magazine and the other three CODAvideo magazines will enjoy the prestige of being included in a curated exhibit.

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Leave reality behind and experience these commissioned art projects through their videos, in this final issue of the 2016 CODAvideo: Magazine Editions!