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Month Call for Projects Projects Due Publication Date Description
January - - 1/1/22 Creative Revolutionaries: This special issue will recognize 2022’s Creative Revolutionaries who are giving us a renewed sense of purpose and leading the way to affect change.
February 12/1/21 12/31/21 2/1/22 Art + Experience: Collaborative projects that provide iconic experiences that celebrate culture and create community, bringing people together with interactive experiences, and spurring economic growth.
March 1/1/22 1/30/22 3/1/22 Art for Social Change: Art that serves as a powerful driving force for raising awareness and bringing about change, with the goal of making our world a better place.
April 2/1/22 2/28/22 4/1/22 Transforming Spaces: Design + art projects that enrich the spaces where we live, work, play, and travel through any artistic medium.
May 3/1/22 3/31/22 5/1/22 Rich Collaborations: Exceptional projects that showcase the combined talents of everyone involved - artists, designers, architects, art consultants, public art agents, landscape designers, fabricators, lighting designers, technology experts, engineers, etc. - all of whom are outstanding creative professionals and critical to the creative process.
June 4/1/22 4/30/22 6/1/22 Art and Wellness: Design + art projects that heal the mind, body, and soul, helping us to repair, soothe, and reflect.
July 5/1/22 5/31/22 7/1/22 Creating Community: Art that generates a deep feeling of interconnectedness, compassion, and understanding by bringing us together through shared experiences.
August 6/1/22 6/30/22 8/1/22 Sound, Light, and Motion: Experiential and multi-disciplinary design + art projects that transform, enhance, and create spaces. These include mediums of light, sensory perception, projection mapping, kinetic, and more.
September 7/1/22 7/31/22 9/1/22 Celebrating Video: Design + art documentary shorts and video as art: the best videos highlighting collaborative commissions.
October 8/1/22 8/31/22 10/1/22 Driven by Data- Cutting-edge projects utilizing data-visualization in innovative ways, fostering enhanced realities to develop new experiences and interactions with art.
November 9/1/22 9/30/22 11/1/22 Placemaking with Intention: Defining, activating, and creating inspiring community spaces: design + art collaborations that give new life and meaning to everyday environments.
December 10/1/22 10/31/22 12/1/22 Art as Narrative: Design + art projects delivering dynamic, inspirational storytelling that transform spaces and send powerful messages.