CODAsummit: Experience

Placemaking Art + Economic Development

April 6 – 8, 2022

NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Creative Presentations

CODAworx has created a one-of-a-kind conference to focus on the social and economic impacts of great experiential placemaking. The key mission of CODAsummit: Experience is to energize a broader range of people and demonstrate to key decision-makers the value of this very special work.

And because experiential artwork is at the heart of what we do, this conference has a special feature: Creative Presentations. These are 15-minute presentations by creatives who work in augmented reality, video projections, digital mapping, data visualization, sound…all to help communities create experiences that make a difference. This veritable talent show runs the entire morning of April 8th, with opportunities to meet and network with the creatives.

If you need a dose of inspiration, along with the specifics of how to create experiential programs that bring positive social change and drive economic growth, don’t miss these creative presentations at CODAsummit: Experience.

Frequencies High Five_MFDynamics

MF Dynamics: Creating Memory Through Sound, Sight, and Feel

From international touring performer to celebrated public artist, Maria Finkelmeier will share her perspective on creating bespoke multisensory experiences catalyzed by sound.
Maria Finkelmeier  |  Artist and Owner of MF Dynamics
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UAP: Incredible Things

A closer look at UAP and how it celebrates the fusion of traditional and advanced manufacturing techniques in Public Art
Gilbert Guaring  |  Global Head of Marketing, Sustainability + Engagement, UAP
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Gizmo: Manifesting Magnificence: Elevating Environments with Public Art

Gizmo shows how the right public art piece can dramatically change the environment in which people gather.

Mark Sabatino  |  President of Gizmo

Memory Diffusion MASARY

Masary Studios: Expanding Practice: Collective Memory and Expression in Public Space

Exploring new ways of creating immediate and latent interaction in public art.

Caleb Hawkins  |  Design Director at Masary Studios   

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Novaby: Transforming Placemaking with Augmented Reality

Learn how mobile phone-based augmented reality (AR) is deepening user engagement with public art and transforming the ways communities can participate in the design and creation of Placemaking projects.

Julia Beabout  |  CEO and Creative Director of Novaby

Tracy Piper

Building 180: Public Art as a Path to Civic Rejuvenation

Building 180 partners Shannon Riley and Meredith Winner discuss their public art initiative Paint the Void, which transformed the Bay Area during the pandemic by facilitating the creation of over 150 public murals.
Shannon Riley  |  Founder, CEO of Building 180 and Executive Director of Paint the Void 
Meredith Winner  |  Co-founder, COO of Building 180 and Managing Director of Paint the Void
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CODAsummit is presented by CODAworx, the global online community that celebrates design projects featuring commissioned artworks.