The Intersection of Art, Technology and Place

October 12-14, 2022 McNichols Civic Center

Denver, Colorado

Artist Showcases

15-minute presentations by artists who work in augmented reality, video projections, digital mapping, data visualization, sound…and much more. Featuring eight presentations, with two tracks running simultaneously. Check the agenda for the time and location of these sessions. 

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Artist Showcases are sponsored by Wireframe

Wireframe is a Montreal-based, Public Art agency. We work with some of the best studios and cities in the world in order to produce and tour amazing interactive public art experiences. From commercial centers to festivals, the world wants more art installations that engage and unite the public. We are here to assist our customers in finding that unique piece that will activate their space in a memorable way. From commissioned pieces to touring installations, we can assist those curating in order to find the right artist. Through our catalogue of temporary installations, we will ensure that your placemaking strategy is a resounding success. With years of experience in the public realm, our team will guide you through our process to find what is right for you.

Alice Berthault

Alice Berthault

Alice Berthault is Head Producer and Curator at Wireframe, an Interactive Public Art Distributor based in Montreal, Canada. With over ten years working closely with artists, she brings a refreshing and innovative approach on art management and placemaking where collaboration, phenomena and embodied experience are drivers for enriching cities.


Dan Shaughnessy IV Sculptor / Designer - At DSIV

We are obsessed with making landmark sculptures. We believe the future of public work is reliant on the balance of sculpture + technology.


Melissa Mongiat Co-founder, Daily tous les jours

Daily tous les jours is an art and design studio based in Montreal that leads an emergent field of practice combining technology, storytelling, performance and placemaking to reinvent living together in the 21st century. Our work invites humans to play a critical role in the transformation of their environment, building more resilient cities.


Charmaine Minniefield

The work of visual artist activist Charmaine Minniefield explores African and African-American history, memory and ritual as an intentional push back against erasure. Her creative practice is community-based as her research and resulting bodies of work often draw from public archives and centers historic preservation and social change. 

Vicki Scuri headshot

Vicki Scuri

I am an Artist and Designer, with a stellar track record spanning over 35 years. I prefer collaborating with interdisciplinary design teams on public projects. I explore the intersections of Art with Urban Design, Environment, and Technology, bridging the gaps between disciplines to create an experiential and engaging public realm. Nature, community, site, and light inspire my work.

Bill-bio image

Bill Washabaugh

Bill Washabaugh is the founder and creative director of Hypersonic, an art and design studio in Brooklyn, NY. Hypersonic designs and creates groundbreaking new media sculptures and physical installations that use science, technology, and data as a means to create beautiful sculptures that spark moments of joy and wonder.

Thomas Payette

Gonzalo Soldi

Thomas Payette + Gonzalo Soldi

Mirari creates spaces, installations and works that transform the way people see the world. Our team of creatives get their know-how from their long-standing experience in the performing arts. We believe in bringing art to life, and leaving a distinctive human imprint — whether for the stage, public spaces or major events. Each and every one of our projects is completely thought through to create an unprecedented connection with spectators.

therese lahaie

Therese Lahaie

I am a practitioner of Light. My recent work uses sunlight and optical mirrors to reflect “Lightbirds,” that fly with the diurnal arc of the sun. First, their flight pattern moves across the architectural canvases of building walls. When the sun has set, these “Lightbirds” take new forms from a second light source, as their video images are projected from optical mirrors onto building walls for an enchanted nighttime migration.  

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