zwerm (swarm) - CODAworx

zwerm (swarm)

Submitted by Vendel & de Wolf

Client: municipality of Amsterdam, district council Osdorp

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Completion date: 2006

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team

concept, design, fabrication

Paul Vendel

vendel & de wolf

concept, design, drawings

Sandra de Wolf

vendel & de wolf


Frank van Rijn

smederij van Rijn

constructive calculations and foundation

Arthur de Groot

art advice and project management

Wiseguys, urban art projects


Five hundred individual triangular elements were welded together on site. Each module has rings with small reflectors inside. These reflectors light up in the dark when carslights pass by.
This area used to consist of meadows and ditches. On a late visit to the site we saw a swarm of mosquitoes over the ditch at dusk. Inspired by this, we designed the swarm. As a marker and a reminder for this new build neighbourhood.

material: stainless steel, stainless steel rings, reflectors.
height: 7m


The aim was to create a landmark for the new district. What was special about this project for us was that we were allowed to build it on site. You cannot draw this work and then execute it.
By using modules that were made in advance, it was possible.
We had built a small model and based on that, it was determined on the spot which module should go where. With the help of our welder Frank van Rijn it was built on location in two weeks.