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Yummy Concrete

Submitted by Jada Schumacher

Client: City of Ferndale and Design Michigan

Location: Ferndale, MI, United States

Completion date: 2007

Artwork budget: $1,000

Project Team


Jada Schumacher


Design Michigan

Design Michigan


City of Ferndale


The City of Ferndale (Detroit area) called for bus stop designs for their community.


Yummy Concrete abuts the thoroughfare Woodward Avenue in the Detroit metropolis. The auto industry paid to shut down buses on this road (where the Model-T debuted) to encourage travelers to buy cars. Now, buses return as city initiatives promote vitality of the cityscape, encourage foot traffic in a car-centric city, and integrate design into public spaces for improved quality of life.


The City of Ferndale (Detroit area) wished to install bus stops to enliven and support their community. The city accepted the project proposal and installed the project at the completion.

Additional Information

Here, each bus traveler has an individual concrete tuffet, allowing designed individual spaces where travelers can check their smart phones and, possibly, indulge in glazed donuts.