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Xavier de Richemont Process

Submitted by Main Plaza Conservancy

Client: Main Plaza Conservancy

Location: San Antonio, TX, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Jane Pauley-Flores

Main Plaza Conservancy


Xavier de Richemont


William Scanlan, Jr.

MPC Chairman of the Board

Public Art Agent

Gini Garcia

MPC Director

Industry Resource

Emilio Flores, Sr.

Project Manager

Public Art Agent

City of San Antonio

Public Art Agent

Bexar County


Archdiocese of San Antonio

Industry Resource



On June 13, 2014, San Antonio debuted “San Antonio | The Saga,” a captivating video art installation on the magnificent façade of San Fernando Cathedral. Created by renowned french artist, Xavier De Richemont, this 7,000-Sq.-Ft. projection with custom choreographed music in surround sound narrates the historical discovery, settlement and development of San Antonio. Xavier de Richemont created a process video to show how he would incorporate his designs, video, and music into the entire project, also demonstrating using historical significance of San Antonio to make the project relevant to the city's citizens.


Xavier de Richemont created a 24-minute journey, his first outdoor video art installation in the United States. His other public installations can be seen in France, Germany, Spain, Morocco, Mexico, and Canada. The images to the left and many featured in the video itself demonstrate the other projects of a similar large scope.


“This was more astonishing than I imagined,” acclaimed Marise McDermott, President & CEO Witte Museum, San Antonio. “To change the tenor, shape and reality of the façade is amazing. To challenge the understanding of an iconic cathedral into a universe of art is breathtaking.”

Additional Information

For more info on the San Antonio | The Saga project, visit www.mainplaza.org