Meltzer Loft - CODAworx

Meltzer Loft

Submitted by Reddymade Design

Client: Sarah Meltzer

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team

Interior Designer

Suchi Reddy

Reddymade Design


Jameela Derrick

Reddymade Design


The brief called for Reddymade Design to complete a 2400 square-foot apartment in Tribeca, within a tight budget and an even tighter time-frame. The client was a former gallerist who needed a space to satisfy, not only her own sense of graphic style and color, but also to play home to a pair of eight year old twins.


In the case of this project, the artwork was not so much integrated into the design as much as the design was centered around the artwork. Spaces were worked around the selected pieces, the art work calling in the shots in every area, movement and detail. Creating a livable, family home around beautiful art was the goal of this project and the reason why the design is so successful.


As a former gallerist, the client was hugely involved in the selection of artwork for her home. Prior to the project, Suchi and Sara often talked about how they would love to use Kate Shepherd’s work in a home and so, she was the obvious choice for one of the most pivotal pieces in the space. Designer, client and artist had an excellent relationship, working closely together, educating each other and producing their ideal end result.

Additional Information

The project is a lively dialogue between art and design. The art informs and defines spaces as much as the architecture does. The Shepherd piece with its architectural qualities was the perfect choice for the space because of the way in which it defines and fills the space . Simplicity was key to the project.