Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Medical Office Building - CODAworx

Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Medical Office Building

Client: Kaiser Permanente Roseville

Location: Roseville, CA, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $625,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Beth Jones

Beth Jones Art Consultant


Troy Corliss


Stuart Allen


“Cottonwood Canopy” by Troy Corliss, located in the Medical Office Building, and “38° 44' 48″ N ~ 121° 14' 54″ W” by Stuart Allen, located in the Women and Children’s Hospital, were both great opportunities to use 3-D work to define a two-story space. Both artists used light and reflective light to convey a personal experience with the art and the interior architecture of the building.


From each vantage point in the stairwell of Kaiser's Medical Office Building, Corliss' "Cottonwood Canopy" fills the open space in the lobby with its colorful glass leaves. Viewers are able to engage with the artwork on a human scale as they move throughout the room. Allen's sculpture "38° 44' 48" N ~ 121° 14' 54" W" located in the Women and Children's Center speaks to their "water theme" with his use of sails. His artwork deals with fundamental elements of perception such as light, time, gravity and space.


Most of the collaboration consisted of working with the artist's designs and visions for the two spaces. The installation of the artwork was coordinated with the general contractor for the facility.