Whispers in Silence - CODAworx

Whispers in Silence

Submitted by Ryoichi Suzuki

Client: Utah State University

Location: Logan, UT, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $32,000

Project Team


Ryoichi Suzuki


Utah State University Sculpture Students


This abstract sculpture “Whispers in Silence,” was commissioned by Utah State University for placement on its campus. The sculpture is 9 ft. wide and 6 ft. tall. The sculpture is created from white, Colorado Yule marble, set on a granite base. It stands in front of the new Agricultural Sciences building. Video filmed by Jeremy Jensen.


Utah State University seeks variety of different sculptural works in different styles and materials to be displayed throughout its campus. Additionally, the use of students to complete the sculpture incorporated teaching and learning into the project. The Department of Art & Design also seeks recognition throughout campus, so this project fulfilled several goals at both university and departmental levels.


The sculpture was funded by Utah State University’s Office of Research and Graduate Studies, the Department of Art & Design and the Caine College of the Arts. The Larry Elsner Art Foundation also contributed to the project. I was assisted by four advanced sculpture students in completing the work, so the sculpture became not only a form of expression, but a means of instruction as well. Smaller blocks cut off from the stone in the piece’s early stages were used in sculpture classes at the university and were also given to local high school teachers, who were eager to use the material in the instruction of their own students. Video filmed by Jeremy Jensen.

Additional Information

The sculpture's white, crystalline marble, streamed with sparsely spaced grey, green and gold veins, was uniquely visible amongst the background of snow when it was installed. During warmer times of the year, the sculpture is set off by the warm colors of the Agricultural Science building, next to which it stands. Composed of two graceful curves stacked atop one another, the work was inspired by flowing energies of being, nature and landscape. The marble’s unique composition of tiny crystals creates a subtle glistening effect in the sunlight.