We Could Meet - CODAworx

We Could Meet

Submitted by Martin Richman

Client: Canary Wharf Management Ltd

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Martin Richman

Institute of Light

Art Consultant

Keith Watson

Canary Wharf Management


A permanent installation of illuminated acrylic rods [ approx 560] installed in an overflow canal at Canary Wharf east London in Cross Rail place.


The client wanted an engaging illuminated art work adjacent to the thoroughfare from Canary Wharf to new CrossRail Station. The public view of it is from above, as the piece is set into a drainage canal and the programmed illumination changes colour and frequency with white flashing on the hour.


I developed the work with Keith Watson, the commissioner, and my collaborator Mark Bayley. Mark did most of the construction with my input and we installed together. The programming was done by Ray Dolby. It was difficult to devise a means of keeping the rods vertical in strong winds and water flow. Mark developed a framework of clear acrylic which lays on shingle river bed to support the rods and allow the fibre ends to enter the rods below the water line.