Water Lily and Rain - CODAworx

Water Lily and Rain

Submitted by Jing Zheng

Client: Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park

Location: Hangzhou, China

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $46,000

Project Team


Jing Zheng

The China Academy of Art


Ms. Wenqing Zheng


Hangzhou Goldstone Art Company


This romantic piece of art work is made up of a water pump, six pieces of stained-glass lotus leaves and four containers in the shape of lotus seed pod. Water gravity brings energy so containers can automatically move. When water is full, four containers flip over and pour water onto the lotus leaves. Water splashes and ripples, making the melody of rain. The presentation and color of “Water Lily and Rain” integrates with the wetland pond. The sound of raindrops becomes a clue that leads tourists to find this art work hidden in the nature scene.


The primary goal of my project in the Xixi Wetland National Park is to make a good integration of art and environment. Thus, the art work should not be too overwhelming in size, shape and color. It is better for audience to notice the work inadvertently with some kind of clue. According to the unique characteristics of Wetland, the presentation of my art work should be joyful and creative.


This project was co-created by me and my wife, Ms. Wenqing Zheng. As a glass artist, she provided technical support in choosing and processing stained glass. Especially in the process of color matching, she devoted much time to conducting experiments in order to get the best result. Moreover, based on experiment, the stained glass that we finally decided to use was imported from a factory in the United States, so we waited for exact two weeks to get the material. Because of our pursuit of perfection and patience, we are very satisfied with the final presentation of this art work. In addition, we also collaborated with Hangzhou Goldstone Art Company during the project. Goldstone assisted in amplification and installment of “Water Lily and Rain”. Overall, great teamwork significantly contributes to the completion of this project.

Additional Information

Size: 400×200×300 CM Material: Water, Copper, Stained Glass, Water-pump, Water-proof Light bulbs “Water Lily and Rain” gains popularity among locals. In addition, staffs of the Xixi National Wetland also fall in love with my work, because this piece can take shower itself which reduces their workload.