Walnut Creek Mosaic - CODAworx

Walnut Creek Mosaic

Submitted by Jennifer Kuhns Mosaic

Client: L'Occitane

Location: Walnut Creek, CA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Jennifer Kuhns

JK Mosaic, LLC





This mural is made of stained glass mosaic and is 15' 8″ tall by 5' 6″ wide.


This mural is on an exterior wall in a high-end shopping plaza, still under construction when the installation took place. It adds a beautiful focal point to the walkway and brings attention to the storefront. It is hard to capture in a photo the impact this mural has when seen in person. The individual stained glass pieces are of varying textures and quality, with some irridescent and mirrored pieces incorporated. As the viewer moves past, the glass catches and reflects light in a way that is absolutely stunning. The position of the viewer and angle of the sun changes the color and depth of the mosaic, so it feels "alive" within its concrete surroundings.


The client provided the image for this project and trusted me to translate it into mosaic with minimal interference beyond the sharing of blueprints and conversation between the artist, project manager, and contractor regarding specific requirements to make sure the mural fit properly and had sufficient structural foundation to support the mural once installed.