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#2 Wall Street

Submitted by David Wiener

Client: 2 Wall Street

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $9,000

Project Team


David Wiener

David Wiener Art

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Atelier Printing

Industry Resource

T Tanner

Tanner Frames


New York commercial office building desired artwork to go with remodel. Management team decided to skip the conventional black and white New York vintage street scene photos and go with modern, abstract works that used NYC imagery in fine detail to make larger abstract images. Each floor has a large wall pocket in the elevator bank. The artwork was sized to fit nicely in the pockets. Size is roughly 55 X 60″ for each framed piece. Museum quality prints are framed in elegant black satin lacquered frames that have silver metal edge highlights. Museum acrylic used for clarity and safety.


The goal of the commission was to add a fine art element to each floor to raise the perceived value of the environment and create interest for the tenants and visitors to the building. Sizing the art to look custom made for the existing wall pockets adds to the "integrated" feel of the art and the building - clearly more involved than simply selecting art and hanging it on a flat wall.


The process began with discussing the goals and interests of the client and understanding both their business goals and their artistic and aesthetic interests. Defining the theme of the intended artwork led to David Wiener shooting thousands of photographs all around Manhattan, creating an inventory of images to be used to create the abstract "collages." The client then selected the final pieces from a series of artworks created specifically for this installation. Large test prints were made to ensure the client would be happy with the images. Then full size prints were produced and framed using the highest quality materials. The finished pieces were shipped to NYC from Park City, Utah, and installed using professional hanging and security hardware.

Additional Information

The resulting installation was very well received with tenants, visitors and corporate management eager to see all the pieces and praising the vision of the selection team for not doing the "usual" and instead choosing daring and elegant work. The luxuriously framed museum prints were a good choice for both the size and budget of the project, providing an elegant product for an effective cost. In addition, installation was fast and efficient, without disturbing office productivity.