Wabash Waves - CODAworx

Wabash Waves

Client: Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

Location: Lafayette, IN, United States

Completion date: 2005

Artwork budget: $52,000

Project Team


Kendall Smith

Art Museum of Greater Lafayette


Kurt Wahl

Wahl Architecture


Dave Caudill


We created a new covered entrance to the Museum for easier access adjacent to a major highway.


The goal was to create an iconic image that would enable the museum to establish a higher profile in the community.


The primary collaboration was with the Executive Director of the Museum, Kendall Smith, who, as a former marketing executive, understood the potential of the project for awareness as well as a provision for shelter. Architect Kurt Wahl was instrumental in shaping structurally sound plans and coordinating with city agencies.

Additional Information

This was a remarkable opportunity to maximize the benefits for a community while pursuing needed infrastructure. The reception has been wonderful. Please see the testimonial from Kendall Smith in my references section.