Submitted by Mesolini Glass Studio

Client: Washington State % for Arts Commission

Location: Des Moines, USA

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $23,000

Project Team


Gregg Mesmer

Mesolini Glass Studio


Diane Bonciolini

Mesolini Glass Studio


Approximately 75 sq. ft. fabricated in painted aluminum ( world), brushed aluminum (clouds) and fused glass( the children & images on the clouds)


'As human beings, we have the need to belong and to learn. No one needs to feel isolated. visualizing where we come from,who we are,and who we want to become is a lifelong search.' The world & children are in the foyer of an elementary school that is populated by a vast array of immigrants, 72 languages are represented. The staff of the school wanted each child to feel welcome and proud of their heritage. down the lunch room hallway float the aluminum and fused glass 'clouds' each with a quote and an important aspect of life and learning. During installation the staff was brought to tears, it was quite humbling.


This project was a collaboration between the Midway Elementary Schools staff, teachers and principal and the artists Mesmer & Bonciolini. We put into fused glass & aluminum, images of what the school representatives expressed to us verbally. It is always a challenge to translate another persons words and feelings into art. This project exceeded our expectations in many ways.