Verve - CODAworx


Client: The State of Colorado

Location: Ft. Collins, CO, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $265,000

Project Team


David Griggs

David Griggs LLC

Industry Resource

Joe Riche

Demiurge Design


“Verve” is an early-integration project with multiple elements within a veterinary medicine center lab. Inspired by the activities of the Lab, the project uses 4 integrated elements to represent veterinary sciences. These are: the atrium terrazzo floor, the “egg” curtain wall glass, the exterior “link” glass, and the atrium sculptural trellis planters.


The goals of this integration were to create an experience relevant to facility users while acknowledging the important work that goes on within this facility. As a national leader in Veterinary Sciences, this University is recognized for its accomplishments in the large-animal veterinary field.


An early-integration project with multiple elements, this project was a collaboration between the artist, the architects, and the staff of the facility. During the design stage, the artist worked with veterinary staff to learn about the activities of the Lab. This resulted in design imagery related to and recognizable by the students and staff who use the facility. The result of the process was to engage facility users while acknowledging the important work for that goes on in the Lab.