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Vertical Arts Architecture Office

Submitted by Metzger Albee Public Relations


Location: Steamboat Springs, CO, United States

Completion date: 2009

Project Team


Danielle Archiello

Metzger Albee Public Relations

Interior Designer

Sarah Tiedeken

Vertical Arts Architecture


When Vertical Arts Architecture (VAA) was designing their new office space, they sought to create a central element within the space that would not only divide off the conference room from the adjacent gallery space and stair, but also be the defining statement element of the entire project. By using a steel support grid and translucent 3-Form panels, Vertical Arts was able to create a wall that adds interest and light play in every space in the office.


Vertical Arts commissioned local steel artisans to create the steel support grid that holds the panels as well as the floating stair that integrates with the wall. The fine craftsmanship of the steel leaves a beautiful structure that is an art piece in itself. By working with local artists, VA was able to control the desired outcome and high level of detail the feature needed.


Vertical Arts conceptualized the idea of a translucent wall to anchor the interior remodel. VA then created a detailed 3-D model of the wall and adjacent stair that detailed all steel work and paneling. Once the design was complete, VA worked with a local structural engineer to create the structure for the freestanding stair. After the engineering was complete, the local steel artist dove head first into creating the two-story wall. Welding the tube steel in place allowed some flexibility in the design to ensure each piece fit exactly as intended. Lastly, each 3Form panel was individually measured and cut to fit.

Additional Information

The translucent quality of the wall allows the entire space to feel bright and airy. Shadows pass through the wall and invigorate a room that would otherwise be a darker interior space. The two-story volume is anchored by the element and helps the user navigate the central circulation corridor. The color and texture of the 3Form panels is visible from both sides of the wall, allowing it to accent two rooms at once.