295 Park Avenue South - CODAworx

295 Park Avenue South

Submitted by Clodagh Design

Client: Abington Properties

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team

Interior Designer


Clodagh Design

Art Consultant


Clodagh Design


Clodagh’s brief was to transition a Park Avenue South building’s existing lobby into a welcoming and dynamic portal. Using authentic materials, dramatic lighting, a playful mail-room text installation, and a vibrant art program, a typical residential entry has been transformed into a generous and beautiful entrance to the tenant’s homes.


Art is never an afterthought it’s incorporated into the project in the beginning design process. We believe that Art is everywhere and like to use it in nontraditional ways. For this particular Project we used Architectural language to tell the story instead of hanging Art on a wall. We created textural and dynamic floor to ceiling Art walls that fully integrate into the overall building design. The walls are made of beautiful metal with a certain patina that really works with the lighting we chose and the space in general.

They create oversized dramatic impressions and impact, while allowing us to explore new ways to utilize and look at Art work.

Other unusual formats employed are Translucent LED back lit acrylic lights and abstract water photography.

Like all of our projects, the art program was commissioned especially for this space, taking into account color, size, scale, and textures which work in tandem with the overall project design


In this unique situation the designer and architect were also the artists as some of Clodagh’s and Architect Guy Humphrey’s photographic works are incorporated into the design and concept of the project. This creates a unique opportunity to integrate the art and design as one thought.

When the team designed the walls, they also designed the art component, both from the onset of the project.

Color, texture and pattern were designed to work in tandem and communicate with the Art work.

Additional Information

There are really no limits to the creative mind and often the most rewarding projects are ones where there really is a complete transformation. In this case from a very utilitarian and uninspiring entrance into a warm, comfortable and fun welcome home for the tenants of the building.