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Tuscan Floorcloth

Submitted by Patricia Dreher

Client: Donatella Dina Tuscan Residence

Location: Aciano, Italy

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Virginia Breier

V.Breier Contemporary Craft Gallery


Donatella Dina

private resident


Patricia Dreher


Over an Italian dinner at the client's house my gallery dealer Virginia Breier, the client and I outlined a 6' x 15' painted canvas floorcloth project for her Tuscan villa in Asciano to be completed and sent to the villa. I would enjoy a month in the villa while overseeing the arrival of the rug and the arranging of interior as part of my payment. Several design concepts where presented and a final design and palette were agreed to. The project was executed in my studio and shipped to Tuscany.


La Cardete, the Dina residence is a renovated villa in the Tuscan hills. It has a color palette and stone interior that informed some of the design elements. The metal grate designs on a medieval church became integrated into the center area where other classical italian elements intertwine. The renovating architect approved the final design board.


My gallery dealer Virginia Breier of V.Breier Contemporary Craft Gallery in San Francisco, the owner of La Cardete, Donatella Dina and her architect worked with me to develop the concept and to agree upon a palette. I had many fabric samples and photos of the interior to inspire me. I went to classical Italian art history of the area to get further inspiration.

Additional Information

I enjoy the process of working with client, architect and interior designer to problem solve and bring a particular feeling, narrative or color palette to a space.