Transition Series - CODAworx

Transition Series

Submitted by Sandra Clark

Client: Clara Hatton Gallery

Location: Fort Collins, CO, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Kirsten Gunderson


Transition is a series of three panels which when together tell a story of change. The grouping speaks to the fragility of balance in life and situations. Each piece measures 34″ x 54″ and is woven of bamboo fiber, polyester and metallic threads. Transition II also features rust dying techniques.


While these were not commissioned pieces, it was very important that they maintained a certain aesthetic and content to be integrated into the overall exhibition. Each artwork needed to add to the overall experience for the viewer, to command attention yet not distract from the other works.


This was a temporary exhibition with two other artists. While we each made our own artwork, we were continuously collaborating to make works that would compliment each other as well as the space. Our goal was to provide an exhibition with a cohesive theme and feel, yet highlight each artists' specialty. We also worked together to place and install the artwork, develop marketing materials, and develop a single wall statement to encompass the meaning of the show.