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Moose Jaw Trail

Client: City of Saskatoon

Location: Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $180,000

Project Team


Jill Anholt

Jill Anholt Studio


Public Architects

Public Architects


The intention for this project was to commemorate and interpret the role and significance of the Moose Jaw Trail in Saskatoon’s heritage by adding a layer of meaning that enhanced the park without compromising the natural beauty and unstructured enjoyment of the space. The trail was originally formed as 19th century settlers traveled by cart and oxen across the vast prairie landscape. The interventions created seek to operate as a journey in space and time; an interweaving of storytelling and experience that is artful and sensitive to site yet reveals unexpected opportunities for discovery and engagement.


A conscious blurring of sculpture and storytelling, the series of inter-related works operate as a lens that offers insight into the physical and cultural history of the Moose Jaw trail while making an immediate and powerful connection to the land itself.


Working in collaboration with the communication design team of Public Architects, a series of interpretive panels were designed that accompany the structural forms. The landscape and artwork were considered as an intertwined entity and experience from concept through to construction.

Additional Information

Awards: Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan Heritage Architecture Excellence Award City of Saskatoon: Heritage Space Award [2014]