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Toward a Fair and Just Verdict

Submitted by Michael Clapper Studios

Client: City of Frisco Texas

Location: Frisco, TX, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Michael Mowry

Mowry Studio


Kevin Manning



This concept is about weighing evidence. I’ve used imagery that speaks to the concept of weighing the evidence by the jury. It was my intent to create a suspended work of art that honors the profession, legal personnel and the citizenry of Frisco, Texas.
To illustrate this concept, I have created a sculpture that consists of a large, modernist version of a scale. The “beam” is supported by a large, slightly curved element that is visually divided into 6 segments. The segments exhibit 3 different shades of copper. This element is meant to represent the Jury of one’s peers.
Attached to each end of the beam are long pendants that are filled with clusters of “pages” that are made from polished stainless steel that are perforated with graphics and text.


My goal was to interpret the Scales of Justice, and the weighing of evidence, within a Modernist vernacular. Suspended above the courtroom waiting area, the artwork will be something for the visitors to contemplate before entering the court room.


I typically act as designer, and when I secure a commission, I also act as project manager. I work very closely with a graphics person for the design process and for cut files, and then with steel fabricators, an engineer and other trades persons for the fabrication.

Additional Information

It was great working with the public art people from the town of Frisco, TX. A very well run program.