Tidal Waters - CODAworx

Tidal Waters

Submitted by Taylor Backes Glass

Client: Reading Hospital

Location: Reading, Pa, United States

Completion date: 2008

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


William Dexter


Etta Boettger


Tidal Waters is an assemblage of hand made glass forms that are inspired by the rich flora and fauna found in shallow tropical waters. It consists of two parallel displays, each 8' x 14″ x 2' high. They have top and side concealed lighting which gives them a brilliance that only glass can provide, making the elements appear wet and alive.


" Tidal Waters" was created for the
Reading Hospital Cardiology Unit
(Reading, PA).

Our goal was to evoke a tranquil
environment reminiscent of a tropical
tidal pool in order to project a healing
message to patients and visitors.


Tidal Waters was conceived by Will Dexter and produced by Taylor Backes Glass Studios. The installation was assisted by Etta Boettger, Taylor Backes, and expedited by Jaap Olree, formerly of Reading Hospital. The RFP was gnerated by Jane Runyeon of All 4 Art.

Additional Information

The installation consists of two flanking 8' x 2' x 1' enclosures and is visible from each of two waiting areas. The blown glass forms appear to have been plucked from the water when wet and transferred into this new domain. The testimonials offered by individuals who have needed to spend time in the stressful situation that goes with a cardiology waiting area clearly say that Tidal Waters has successfully achieved its goal of imparting calm and tranquility.