The U World club house - CODAworx

The U World club house


Location: Shenzhen, China

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Kris Lin

Kris Lin International Design


Anda Yang

Kris Lin International Design


This is a space with the theme of reading and also a social platform with coffee experience as the carrier. A systematic, diversified and upgraded “shared cultural experience space” integrating reading, coffee and cultural lifestyle.The art installation above the step reading area is made of illuminated geometric polygonal acrylic splicing, like a river in heaven and a silver bay in dawn. We communicating as much to us as we do to each other, enabling a form of intra-environmental social interaction between our thoughts and the material of our built environments.


Project adheres to the objectives that the municipality has previously proposed such as increasing both the quality of life and community development, with projects that enrich values through education, recreation, and culture. 


The centre is born and developed by the citizens and the administration involvement. And brings together different areas focused to social and cultural organisations activities development aimed at very different sectors and swaths of population, becoming a true meeting point.