The Refinery Hotel - CODAworx

The Refinery Hotel

Submitted by Gavriel Wolf

Client: The Refinery Hotel

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team

Interior Designer

Carmen Koller

Stone Hill & Talyor

Art Consultant

Gavi Wolf

Indiewalls Inc.


Gavriel Wolf

Indiewalls Inc


The artwork was commissioned from a local artist with the intention of supporting local art with the opportunity for visitors to engage with the art. Indiewalls brings local art to hotels and other commercial properties and enables passersby to purchase the artwork from their phone or computer.


The commissioned work, a 7'x10' painting on an accordion screen, was used to bring the lobby space to life. In addition to this central work it draws attention and continuity to the works that are on temporary exhibit on each floor of the property, which are also by Diana Delgado. As with many of the projects we work on, local sourced artwork that allows the community to engage with it, is a core value of the hotel.


Indiewalls acted as the intermediary between the artist and the interior designer on the project. While the designer and the artist spoke on a regular basis Indiewalls needed to help in converting ideas into creations. It was a process that took a significant amount of back and forth, both of conversation and of photographs of the work. Once the work was actually completed and delivered the response could not have been better:

"Screen looks amazing! Saw it for the first time today! Great job!
Thanks so much for listening to my annoying little self;)!
Hope you are having a good time in the UK...
You should swing by the refinery when you come back and let me know when you are going. Would live to have a drink at the bar with you.
Also actually would love to talk to you about some art for myself....
If I can afford you;)"