The Portrait Botanical: Cadmus - CODAworx

The Portrait Botanical: Cadmus

Submitted by Ervin Heron


Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team

Principal & Designer

M. Alden

Ervin Heron

Principal & Artist

E. Heron

Ervin Heron


Contemporary Photography for Select Residential and Commercial Clients | Edition Limited to 20 | The beguiling Black Calla Lily is a symbol of desire, simultaneously ebullient and euphoric. Nor is it actually a lily, but the consequence of a historical misclassification that has defied centuries of effort to correct. Of all the varieties, Black Callas uniquely impart mystery. This edition evinces collusion, with the flowers issuing their clarion call in sensuous shapes evocative of flames.


These limited edition contemporary photographs are available for integration into select residential and commercial projects. The artist also welcomes requests for one-of-a-kind commissions and special projects for architectural, interior, or public spaces.


Ordinarily, the resulting selective focus of large-format cameras and lenses renders parts of an image sharply, while the surrounding area recedes into an artful blur. To achieve sharpness throughout a scene or object requires photographing it at multiple focal lengths—typically between ten to fifty frames—which are digitally stacked. The resulting captures are realigned using a dedicated software program that corrects for shifts in the focal point. Each capture results in a minor change of scale, with the difference between the first and last frame being substantial.

Additional Information

In this luxuriant Spring/Summer Collection 2021, artist Ervin Heron merges an appreciation for beauty and meaning with a precise technical process to realize stunning large-scale fine art prints that evoke human emotion, somatic sensuality, and profound interconnection. Heron's modernist approach is influenced by Irving Penn's remarkable portrait studies of flowers. Floral imagery are expressive, sentient life forms that we project ourselves into. From the hopeful yearning of a sunflower to flickering Black Callas dancing as one; to the blood-red Rose and Black Dahlia emerging from darkness. Each floral identifies with us. And us with them in the cycle of life. With the impending spring near, our hopes are lifted and reaffirmed in the cycle of renewal embodied in the countenance of flowers that reach deep to soothe the human soul.